Currently residing in Hummelstown, Pennsylvania, Joseph Carlin earned his success from over three decades of business experience. He held various titles at Fortune 500 companies and even started his own real estate redevelopment firm. Carlin is very analytically and financially astute. He has initiated multiple finance strategies for retail outlet businesses, become the financial director for multiple companies, and overseen several acquisitions for corporations. Through his knowledge and experience, Carlin has helped these companies maintain their lead position in their perspective industry. He even started his own real estate business to get a hands-on experience of the industry. He finds excitement in starting new projects and needs to see them through to completion. These projects range from the finance involved in launching a new product to the tangibility of remodeling a room into something outstanding. Carlin also accomplishes a variety of tasks around his home in Hummelstown, Pennsylvania. When he’s not working on projects, he can be found spending quality time with his children, golfing, camping, or bowling. Carlin is described as good friend with a great sense of humor, intelligent, honest, and who is not afraid to try something.